Songs for someone

by Bryan J. Nelson

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released December 3, 2016

All songs written and performed by Bryan J. Nelson. The lyrics from "Evangeline" were adapted from a quote by Dorothy Ferguson.

Produced by Bryan J. Nelson and Shohei Kuba Ogami. This album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at London Bridge Studio in Seattle, Wa. by Shohei Kuba Ogami.



all rights reserved


Bryan J. Nelson Walla Walla, Washington

Bryan Nelson is a musician, composer, singer/songwriter based out of Walla Walla, Washington. He studied music at Central Washinton University in Ellensburg, Washington where he was a percussion performance major.

His studio debut album, "Songs for someone", recorded at London Bridge Studio, in Seattle, Washington is now for sale!
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Track Name: Ballad of the Mundane
The world spins round and round,
Picks me up just to bring me down,
I go left then I turn right,
Just another sleepless night.

Then the morning comes around,
Same old breakfast same old sound,
And another day goes by,
All we gotta do is try.

When you walk alone,
Outside on your own,
And everything's routine,
Count the cracks on the window screen.

When you come on home,
Always on your phone,
Lets turn the T.V. off,
Pick up where we left off.
Track Name: One of Those Days
You gotta take the good no with the bad,
You gotta try real hard or it'll make you sad,
You gotta stand up straight and sit up right,
You gotta break through walls just to here your plight.

Just one of those days,
One of those days,
One of those days,

You gotta catch the wind with your bare hand,
You gotta scream real loud when you make a stand,
You gotta dream about me when you're far away,
You gotta think about me when you're having one of those days,

You gotta shoot now straight from the hip,
You gotta ride this life like an acid trip,
You gotta take me home when you're feeling good,
You gotta let me go when you think you should.
Track Name: It's the Reason
Time it catches up,
with the present and the past
and I know it never lasts,
Cause I see you getting older everyday
and it makes me kind of sad.

Cause there's a feeling,
that's buried deep inside,
And it's the reason,
why I always try and hide.

Then I turn the page,
and the story seems to clash
leaving everything to ash,
As my bookends fall,
and the sounds of disarray
leads me to another day.

So I walk outside,
in the flowers and the rain
to remember everything,
And I count each step
from the first unto the last
leaving everything to pass.
Track Name: Up for the Fight
You pick yourself up
from the ground
where you have fallen,
Doesn't seem to workout
and the nighttime is calling,
Feeling like a fish out of water,
just can't find your breathe,
And everyone around you
has put you to the test.

But it's alright,
you're up for the fight,
got another day, let it go away.
Yeah it's alright,
you're up for the fight,
got another day, let it go away.

Driving down that highway,
searching for your thoughts,
like to do it my way,
but sometimes it gets lost.
So I take a left on gold street,
and it brings you clear around,
back to where you started,
when the nighttime came around.
Track Name: Sweet Josephine
Oh my sweet Josephine,
Oh my sweet Josephine,
Oh my sweet Josephine,
Please forgive me,
please forgive me.

Looking back on the days,
And everything that you say,
Every single day,
Please forgive me, please forgive me.

I loved you from the start,
You're always in my heart,
I never want to part,
Please forgive me, please forgive me.
Track Name: Took a Step Back
Traveled all night long,
Didn't find what I was looking for,
Wondered what went wrong,
Had a thought but it ran away.

Took a step back,
Didn't stop, no I didn't stop,
Yeah I took a step back,
Didn't stop no I didn't stop.

Stepped into my car,
Drove around for a couple hours,
Going nowhere far,
Sure beats staying at home.

Like to think it's wrong,
Sure as hell feels right,
Tonight is just too long,
I don't know what'll make it right.
Track Name: Evangeline
You tiptoed into our world,
Our little baby girl,
How very softly,
You met us gracefully,

Evangeline, Evangeline,
Evangeline, Evangeline.

Only a moment you stayed,
What an imprint you made,
Your footprints in our hearts,
With every waking start.

And when we said goodbye,
With every tear we cried.
Track Name: Boat Song
A long time ago some friends and I,
we got some money together and we bought a boat.
It wasn't quite a bonny boat,
didn't really matter it was a very fine sail boat.
But it didn't really float so we worked and we worked,
and we worked and we worked and we worked
and we patched it up.
And it took us right around two years,
to fix it up so we could sail it out to sea.

Clap your hands, move your feet,
sing a new song find the beat.
Grab your girl, grab your guy,
Reach your hands up and shake the sky.

So we sailed our boat out west to see
if we could find out if the world was truly flat.
But we kept on going around and around,
and around and around and around
and around we went.
But the storm came up as we sailed for seven days
and seven nights til' we reached the moon.
So we jumped from shooting start to shooting star
to shooting star to shooting star.

And we ended up in the ol' Pacific,
twenty and four miles from our home sweet home.
So went on home to tell all the townspeople
of the places we had seen.
But we really could not describe such a beautiful sight
as we looked up into the night sky.
So we told them all to look at the moon and the stars
with open eyes and open dreams.
Track Name: The Grand
Gotta get out of this light,
gotta get out of this light.
Want to see my face,
like to see my face.
So I take a look around,
focus on the ground.

Stepping out of this cold dark night,
coming out of the rain.
Start feeling like I used to,
A little bit better everyday.

Wandered down the road,
past The Grand on grand avenue.
Look inside see the warm dry faces
drinking their blues away.
Ya know it feels good sometimes,
to be on the outside.

Further up the street,
to a place I like to meet.
It's not too bad to be alone,
on a Monday night.
Find a candle lit table sit-down,
and I listen for awhile.
Track Name: Hear That Train Whistle Blow
Hello my friend,
how are you today.
Shall we go out and find the way.
Go to the shore,
and walk the bridge.
Go back home and hike the ridge.

And I hear that train whistle blow,
as the smoke clears from the sky.
I can hear that train whistle blow
before we say goodbye.

Some other time,
some other place.
We'll get together,
and slow down our pace.
But in the meantime,
sing with me.
And enjoy this ride.

I know sometimes,
know one can see you.
You're mind is running,
back to yesterday.
So many haven't got,
a fucking clue.
Guess there's nothing,
left to say.